Interviu David Guttenfelder despre a doua cameră

Interviu David Guttenfelder despre a doua cameră

Despre David Guttenfelder am mai scris pe blog când l-am prezentat ca şi Instagrammerul Săptămânii. Anul trecut a primit premiul de Fotograful anului pe Instagram .

Cuvintele de mai jos sunt luate dintr-un interviu pe care vă recomand să-l citiţi.

… — the ones we love — are the ones that get no “likes” for some reason. You try not to let it affect you. You try to stick to your vision.

Eventually there will be a sort of merging of the cameras we use that we call our real cameras and the kinds of phone cameras we use for fun or extra creativity. I think that it will all become one, and that’s going to change the way we work.

I had to separate it in that way, and that’s what’s kept me developing as a photographer. If I only shot the important news of the day and I just ran past all of the other things in my life that were interesting to me, then I would have killed my own creativity and my own interest in photography, so I’ve always had a different camera.

There’s a visual language in our photographic history of certain kinds of pictures that have been shot in square. We use it for portraiture a lot and for still lifes. It has a whimsical strangeness to it.

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