este unul dintre proiectele alea de pe Instagram pe care odată ce le descoperi îți zbârlesc pielea pe tine. Eu i-am gasit în Amsterdam, într-o fântână arteziană, sub apa care curgea continuu.

I-am așezat, i-am pozat și după vreo 24 de ore le-am citit povestea.

M-a zbârlit. Este un soi de firimitură lăsată cu cap pentru cine caută și cine vrea să descopere. Nu e mesaj direct, e aluziv, e fără show-offul invaziv pe care media o uzează așa de des. Pe mine m-a prins.

În poză sunt #helen, #inas, #arjuman, #istahil și #jihin.  Lumea cică vrea povești. Citește-le!

Almost 60 million people are on the run, worldwide. That amounts to nearly 60 million individual stories. Stories nobody wants to hear. Worse still, stories of people nobody really wants to know about.We want to give these stories, these people, these refugees a human face. By telling their stories and opening eyes. Making connections and showing people a different way of looking at refugees. Encouraging empathy and strengthening social cohesion.

Which is why we are launching our guerrilla street art project Moving People. Be ready for thousands of miniature refugees appearing all over Amsterdam and The Hague. On park benches, at stations, at traffic lights, along the canals, in the zoo, in front of various ministries….they will pop up everywhere!

Moving People is a street art project in which everybody can show commitment to refugees and let their voice be heard in a creative way. If you do happen to find a one of the miniatures, you can take it with you and place it somewhere else. In this way you can contribute physically to the project by moving the miniatures around the city. Let other people be moved by their stories too!

What You Can Do

We get many questions from people asking if they can support Power of Art House or our project ‘Moving People’. Well, you can help us with the distribution of the miniature refugees in September and October – which can also be done in other cities than Amsterdam and The Hague. Contact us for more information: info@powerofarthouse.nl.


E foarte posibil ca figurinele să ajungă și la noi. Meanwhile..