Portret De Instagrammer – @zericiphone

Portret De Instagrammer – @zericiphone

Tot prin intermediul altor instagrameri mi-a apărut în feed acest tip. L-am considerat instant ca fiind funny, așa că follow-ul a decurs aproape instant. L-am întors pe toate părțile  și urmărind o vreme acest francez am zis că merită luat la întrebări.

When was your first instagram experience? How & why did you entered this world.

I entered in the Instagram world by accident 6 yeas ago.I was looking for a photos editing application!

When did you felt this is the perfect way to promote your art? And why this type?


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Instagram is a wonderful tool to share pictures and an amazing source of inspiration. There is so many talented Instagrammers. I took this picture and some others for the blog monsieur sartz. This make up blog is managed by a friend of mine.

Making this pictures for the blog gave me the idea to start the historical portraits serie.
Photography and history are my two passions since I was a teenager.



How much do you work for the next photo? Can you let us understand what is the reason for taking out your mobile phone and instagram something?

As soon as I got the idea, the accessories, setting the light and made the tests, it takes a few minutes. Sometimes it takes a long time to get the idea of the picture. Mobile phone is the easier way to take, edit and share pictures on Instagram. 4. You changed your style of instagraming. Why? I don’t know if I changed my style, i started a few weeks ago a new experience with this serie. I did the same two years ago with the serie “in the bathroom”. You can find this serie on my other instagram account : zericiphoneinthebathroom.

What are your favorite photo apps? Are you working only by phone or with some other equipment?

Snaapseed and Instagram edit. I do not edit a lot my photos.

What’s your 3 favorite author ig accounts. What is inspiring you?

Here is 3 of my favorite Instagrammers: bellorophon, deanraphael, mymoodypictures, and so many others.

Funny, Mr.Eric. Pe mine mă convinge din nou faptul că, uneori, aplicația și universul ăsta colorat este un loc de joacă, în care creativitatea îți este lăsată să zburde. Fără menajamente și alte piedici.